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Paper 1 General Your purpose in this 5-7 page essay is to map out the various positions within your chosen controversy, stating clearly what those positions are and then highlighting the relationships among them. Do not—no way, no how— present a one-sided view, as if those who argue certain positions don't know what they're talking about. If this is really a controversy, there are several legitimate positions possible, and your job is to articulate each position's most compelling arguments. One way to maintain a neutral ethos in this paper is to give each "side" an equal opportunity to present its position from its own perspective. Be sure to attribute statements to their original speakers or organizations: phrases such as "According to. . ." and "As stated by. . ." along with verbs that indicate that someone has stated a particular position, such as argues, advocates, asserts and contends will indicate that the argument you are presenting is not necessarily your own.
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