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Paper 2 General Your purpose in this 5-7 page essay is to closely analyze one position in your controversy. You'll do this through the careful (textual and contextual) analysis of a single text advocating a position. For our purposes, a "text" can be loosely defined as any persuasive effort that can be interpreted. A "text" may be a print article (such as an opinion column in a newspaper). It may also be a blog entry, a video, a commercial, an image, or a web-page. You should select a text that makes a clear argument. The text should very clearly ask the audience to believe, feel, or do something Specifics In this essay, you must accomplish a few goals. You must analyze the text's argument. Introduce the text you'll be analyzing. Tell us: Who put this argument together? Where did the argument appear? Tell us about the audience: Who is likely to read, see or watch this text? And tell us how the argument speaks to a controversy. Summarize what the text says, noting the central claims and key evidence; analyze
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