Rhetoric and Writing Syllabus(1)(1)

Rhetoric and Writing Syllabus(1)(1) - Rhetoric and Writing...

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Rhetoric and Writing Instructor: Maley Thompson [email protected] RHE 306, Unique 43820 TTH 12:30-2, MEZ 1.210 Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 2-3, FAC 16 and by appointment. Please let me know in advance if you plan to attend office hours. Textbooks 1. The Death and Life of the Great American School System. Diane Ravitch. Basic, 2010. 2. Critical Situations: A Rhetoric for Writing in Communities (UT Custom Edition). Crowley and Stancliff. Penguin, 2011. 3. Easy Writer: A Pocket Reference. Fourth Edition. Lunsford. Bedford/ St. Martin’s, 2009. Overview - Rhetoric & Writing is a course in argumentation that situates rhetoric as an art of civic discourse. It is designed to enhance your ability to analyze the various positions held in any public debate and to advocate your own position effectively. Your work in this course will help you advance the critical writing and reading skills you will need to succeed in courses for your major and university degree. - This course is grounded in the rhetorical analysis of “controversies,” broadly defined. Controversies need neither be huge nor particularly public: whether to put a family pet to sleep could work as well as whether same-sex partners should get insurance benefits in Texas—although the former would require a different approach to research. - The course is divided into three Units, each requiring outside research. The first two are devoted to rhetorical and descriptive analyses. The third Unit is devoted to advocacy and argument. You will learn how to: 1. Identify, evaluate, construct, and organize effective arguments 2. Read critically 3. Advocate a specific position responsibly 4. Conduct library and web-based research and document sources 5. Produce a clean, efficient style and adapt it to various rhetorical situations 6. Edit and proofread your own and others’ prose Coursework and Grading - All grades are final and non-negotiable. - If you miss 5 or more classes, you will fail the course. You will be graded on the following assignments this term: Paper 1.1 5%
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Paper 1.2 10% Paper 2.1 10% Paper 2.2 15% Paper 3.1 15% Paper 3.2 15% Research summaries 20% Notebook checks 10% Peer reviews Mandatory Participation Invaluable
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Rhetoric and Writing Syllabus(1)(1) - Rhetoric and Writing...

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