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RS6 - RS6 Assignment Overview You will summarize...

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RS6 Assignment Overview: You will summarize, acknowledge, and refute a particular position, and present a counterargument. Your paper should be one page, single-spaced, written in 12-point font, and have one-inch margins. Be clear and concise. Do not exceed a page in length. Write a letter to the editor of the publication in which the article appeared. Intro - Briefly (briefly!) analyze the author and publication’s background. Who is he/she? What kind of publication is this, with what kinds of readers, with what kinds of values? How might this - Give a fair summary of the source’s argument - Briefly introduce your argument about why that argument is wrong and/or why your alternative is better Concession - Where do you and the author agree (the point of stasis)? - Do you agree with the author’s definition of the problem? The solution? The cause? - “I agree with [name of author] that ______, but I think ______.”) - Where do you find common ground?
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