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ex01 day09 gases_10am wink - Announcements

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1 Announcements ALEKS02 due tonight @10pm; email alerts now active Learning Objectives: Perform calculations based on reaction stoichiometry (including, but not limited to limiting reactants and percent yield). Discuss the various definitions of pressure. Describe gases. List the common properties of gases. Explain how a manometer works. Explain how a barometer works. Convert units. (in ALEKS) Describe an ideal gas. Define and apply the Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases. Discuss the limitations. MON By appt TUES Deb 12-1:30pm WEL 4.242 Mary 3-5pm WEL Cubicle WED Deb 12-1:30pm WEL 4.242 JiaJia 2-3pm Mary 4-5pm WEL Cubicle THURS Deb 12-1:30pm WEL 4.242 FRI JiaJia 2-3pm WEL Cubicle Kinetic Molecular Theory (Model used to explain ideal gases in terms of matter) Gases consist of individual particles The particles of an ideal gas move in straight lines at a constant velocity (until a collision) Collisions involving gases are elastic (no energy loss) Particles of a gas are widely spaced Gas particles are very small compared to the size of the container
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ex01 day09 gases_10am wink - Announcements

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