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Walker CH301 Name: ______________________ UTEID: _______ Page 1 of 1 Exam01 Take-Home Bonus Answer the following questions correctly by Monday, Sept 19, for extra credit toward exam01 score. 5 pts each, all or nothing (no partial credit). Answers: 1. _________________________ molecules of O 2 2. _________________________ atm 3. _________________________ m 4. _____________________ grams, with _______________ grams of __________ left over Molecules in a breath How many molecules of oxygen are in a typical breath, if a typical breath fills a spherical balloon to a volume of 25 cm
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Unformatted text preview: 3 ? Assume exhaled breath is 16% oxygen. (Note: This is changed from the packet.) Atmospheric Pressure Derivation: Given that a 1 m 2 column of air extending from the planet’s surface to the outer regions of the atmosphere has a mass of approximately 10,000 kg, estimate atmospheric pressure. F = ma P = F/A 1 N/m 2 = 1 Pa 1.01 x 10 5 Pa = 1 atm At what water depth would a 1m 2 column of fresh water have an additional 1atm of pressure? If 19.6 g O 2 combine with 75.2 g potassium chloride, how much potassium chlorate can be formed? What and how much is left over?...
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