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ex02 day12 Bonding_10am_slides - Bonding General Concepts...

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1 Bonding: General Concepts CH301 Dr. Deborah Walker Announcements Moving on to bonding and Lewis Dot structures By the end of today, you should be able to: Identify a bond as covalent, polar covalent, or ionic. Explain bonding (what, when, why, how). Draw Lewis structures for atoms, ions, ionic compounds. MON By appt TUES Deb 12-1:30pm WEL 4.242 Mary 3-5pm Cubicle A WED Deb 12-1:30pm WEL 4.242 JiaJia 2-3pm Mary 4-5pm Cubicle A THURS Deb 12-12:50pm WEL 4.242 FRI JiaJia 2-3pm Cubicle A Knowledge Check Which of the following identifies the n,l,ml for the last- filled electron in nitrogen? A. 1, 0, 0 B. 2, 0, 0 C. None of these. D. 2, 1, 1 E. 2, 2, 1 Knowledge Check Identify the element that has 1, 0, 0 as its valence electron. A. He B. Li + C. H 2 D. Be 2+ E. Is this a trick question? Review Metallic bonds Cations held together with a sea of electrons that are able to move where needed Covalent bonds Nonmetal + nonmetal (mostly) Electrons are shared, though at times unequally Unequal sharing = polar bond Ionic bonds Example of extremely unequal sharing Transfer of electrons Resulting ions attract one another via electrostatic interactions
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2 Bond Types Covalent Ionic Metallic Different properties for each Different properties for each. Metallic conducts electricity. Ionic conducts electricity when liquid (melted). Covalent does not conduct electricity. Ionic Covalent Melting and Boiling Points Higher Usually >400 0 C Lower Usually <300 o C Solubility in polar solvents (like water) Often Rare; Usually insoluble Solubility in nonpolar solvents Rare Often Conduct electricity when molten?
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ex02 day12 Bonding_10am_slides - Bonding General Concepts...

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