hw1 - CS 2110 Homework 1: Recommendation System January 29,...

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Unformatted text preview: CS 2110 Homework 1: Recommendation System January 29, 2011 This assignment will help you refresh your knowledge of Java and the Java API. The material is roughly equivalent to a comprehensive CS 1110 assignment. This assignment will also help you practice writing complete applications, including command-line arguments and error handling. For help with Javas syntax and library, you may consult the textbook or Javas online documentation 1 . In this first assignment, we provide you with a framework of a program where some pieces are incomplete. We have followed good Java design principles so that you have a model of what we will expect from you on future assignments. In the future, we will provide more open-ended assignments. This assignment is about building a recommendation system. In recent years, there has been much research into how to recommend a product to users based on the reviews of other, similar users. The most prominent example of this is the popular service Netflix. We have specified much of the structure of the code, and the workings of the recommendation algorithm. Good luck with the assignment. We hope you have fun. 1 General Instructions Here are some general instructions that apply to this assignment, and future ones; however, we will not necessarily repeat 1 with every assignment. 1.1 Grading Criteria Solutions will be graded on both correctness and style. A correct program compiles without errors or warnings, and behaves in the way that we require. For style, we prefer concise, clear, and easy-to-read code. Use mnemonic variable names, proper indentation, and comments as appropriate to convey the meaning of your program. Brevity, and useful comments are preferred over pages of code and frivolous comments 2 1.2 Partners In future assignments, you will be allowed to work with a partner, but for this first assignment you must work alone. This enables us and yourself to assess your basic Java and programming skills. 1.3 Academic Integrity Please familiarize yourself with both the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity 3 , the Computer Science Department Code of Academic Integrity 4 , and the course-specific academic integrity policy 5 . You are responsible for understanding and abiding by these policies. It is no defense to say that you did not understand them, or that it was not done this way in another course. If you are ever in doubt about anything, ask. 1 http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/ 2 Frivolous comments include things like documenting the code ++i with the statement, Increment the value of i.. Such a comment is worthless to experienced programmers. 3 http://cuinfo.cornell.edu/Academic/AIC.html 4 http://www.cs.cornell.edu/ugrad/CSMajor/index.htm#ai 5 http://www.cs.cornell.edu/courses/cs2110/2011sp/courseinfo.html#integrity 1 1.4 Submission Follow the submission guidelines for the assignment. All submission guidelines will be strictly enforced (possibly by a machine, which may or may not notice that you submitted file...
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hw1 - CS 2110 Homework 1: Recommendation System January 29,...

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