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Chapter 1 Metaphysics relates to Physics: Metaphysics is concerned (not exclusively) with the nature of things existing in space and time Physics – “science of those states and processes which are apparently common to all thins existing in space and time. Physicalists argue that “the whole of reality is confined to things existing in space and time” (3) Metaphysics differs from Physics: Metaphysics goes deeper than any merely empirical science by providing the very framework within which such sciences are conceived and related to one another Metaphysics came after Physics canonically in Aristotle’s treatises Metaphysics is not an empirical science – no appeal to experimental/observational evidence Concerned with abstract entities (math/logic) which are still part of reality and other physical entities (persons and their mental states of thought and feeling and social/political groups)
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Unformatted text preview: o “Subject to rational rather than causal explanation” Is Metaphysics a discipline? • Metaphysics deals with the most profound questions that can be raised concerning the fundamental structure of reality • Intellectual discipline o Provides a forum in which boundary disputes between other disciplines can be conducted • “Primary concern is with the fundamental structure of reality as a whole” (2) • “intellectual backdrop for every other discipline” (3) o World/reality is unitary/self-consistent o Able to adjudicate questions of mutual consistency between diciplines o Aspires to complete universality in its subject-matter • Everything, even metaphysics itself, can be judged under metaphysics because it is an autonomous and indispensable form of rational inquiry • Anyone can engage in metaphysical thinking, but there can still be experts...
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