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Style Exercises - Michael Wang FWS PHIL 1111.103 Style...

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Michael Wang 9/7/11 FWS: PHIL 1111.103 Style Lesson 3 Exercises Exercise 3.1 There is opposition among many voters to nuclear power plants based on a belief in their threat to human health Subject: There Character: Voters, plants, human health Verb: Is, based Action: belief, threat Many voters oppose nuclear power plants because they believe that such plants threaten human health. Subject: Voters, they Character: Voters, nuclear power plants, human health Verb: Oppose, believe, threaten Action: Oppose, believe, threaten Exercise 3.2 Analysis – Analyze Suggest – Suggestion Expression – Express Decrease – Decrease Emphasize – emphasis Believe – Belief Approach – Approach Failure – Fail Improve – Improvement Explanation – Explain Attempt – Attempt Comparison – Compare Intelligent – Intelligence Increase- increase Description – Describe Conclusion – Conclude Define – Definition Thorough – Thoroughness Accuracy – Accurate Clear – Clarity Evaluate – Evaluation Discuss – Discussion Appearance – Appear Careful – Carefulness
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Examine – Examination Exercise 3.3 Analysis, belief, conclusion: Analysis led me to believe in my conclusion. Analyzing led to my belief in what I conclude. Attempt, evaluate, expression: I will attempt to evaluate the expression. Attempting the evaluation of that which is to be expressed. Suggest, Approach, comparison: Please suggest an approach to the comparison. Please provide a suggestion in order to approach that which we are trying to compare. Define, decrease, failure: Please define a decrease in failure.
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