Style Lesson 4 - Michael Wang 9/14/11 FWS: Phil 1111.103...

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Michael Wang 9/14/11 FWS: Phil 1111.103 Style: Lesson 4 Exercise 4.1: 1. In recent years, historians have reinterpreted the meaning of discovering America which has led to a reassessment of Columbus’s place in Western history. 2. A doctor must make on-scene medical decisions to forcibly administer medication in emergency room settings for their irrational patients who are unable to provide legal consent. 3. I trace transitions in well-written articles to improve my coherence. 4. People are against building mental health facilities in residential areas because they believe that a few examples of improper management are typical. 5. We would rather watch cable and rent DVDs than view network television; this is causing networks to become aware of the need to revise programming. Exercise 4.2: 1. Those on welfare gain independence when they learn skills that are valued by the marketplace. 2. People notice different planes of the paining, because each plane has colors set against a background of shades of gray which are layered and, no one sees them unless they examine it closely. 3. The article argues that the USA fought the Vietnam War to make its influence in Southeast Asia extended, and that the war did not end until it was clear that North Vietnam could not be defeated without using atomic weapons. 4. America will not improve science education in primary and secondary schools to a sufficient level where skilled workers and researchers supply American industries until it provides these schools with more money. 5.
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Style Lesson 4 - Michael Wang 9/14/11 FWS: Phil 1111.103...

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