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Michael Wang 9/27/11 FWS: PHIL 1111.103 Style Lesson 6 Exercise 6.1 1) In my opinion, the biggest danger to the nation is the President’s tendency to rewrite the constitution. 3) In large American colleges and universities, the opportunities for faculty to work with individual students are limited. 5) A common complaint among students at the college level concerns the teacher who assigns a long final term paper at the end of the semester and who then gives only a grade and no comments. Exercise 6.2 1) During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the story of King Lear and his daughters was popular. By the time Elizabeth died, the story was available to anyone wishing to read it in at least a dozen books. However, the characters were undeveloped in most of the stories making them simple narratives that stated an obvious moral. There must have been several versions of Lear available to Shakespeare when he began to work on perhaps his greatest tragedy. Even though he based the characters on the stock figures of
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Unformatted text preview: legend, he turned them into credible human beings with complex motives. 3) The most important event in Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War is Athens’ catastrophic Sicilian invasion. Setting up the invasion therefore covers three-quarters of the history. Through Thucydides’ description of the step-by-step decline in Athenian society, we can see the anticipation. Anticipation comes from the inevitability that we associate with the tragic drama. 5) Revenues changed as follows from July 1-Augst 31. In the Ohio and Kentucky areas, there was an increase to $56,792 from $32,934, a net increase of approximately 73%. In the Indiana and Illinois areas, there was an increase of $15,370 from $153,281 to $168,651, an increase of 10%. In the Wisconsin and Minnesota regions, a decrease to $190,580 from $200,102, a decrease of 5%. Exercise 6.3 1) The second one....
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