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Dance Composition 2500 Spring 2011 Gesture  as a source of movement Abstraction  as a way of exploring and manipulating these gestures 1. Gesture . Due Sunday: Watch people. Find five different non-dance actions  that have movement interest for you.  Be able to imitate these movements and  show them to us. We will work with them in class. 2. Due Friday, Feb. 11: Then use these gestures, abstracting (see below) and  shaping them as you choose, to create a phrase of movement at least one  minute in length. Set it so that it can be repeated. You may perform this 
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Unformatted text preview: movement yourself or teach it to someone else. Perform this study in silence. Abstraction : Based on the movements you brought in, move with your primary (but not necessarily your only) interest being in the physicality of the movement: the flow, tension, energy, and bodily rhythms. Set your material using these points of focus. Note: We will meet Sunday, Feb. 6 and 13, but not Feb. 20. I will try to keep you posted in advance if certain Sundays will not be needed....
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