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Asst _6 (1) - focus on and develop one possibility-or a few...

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Dance Composition 2500 Spring 2011 Assignment #6 Due Friday, March 11 “Point of Focus” or “The Gimmick”’ Find something that interests you.  It could be a prop, a movement, a situation— anything that gives you a limit/focus to work with. Investigate the possibilities  that you can generate from this source. Then figure out what you want to include  and what you can leave out. The idea is not to do as much as possible, but to 
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Unformatted text preview: focus on and develop one possibility--or a few-- as deeply as you can. This can be danced by you, by someone else, or by more than one dancer. Your choice. Do not use music unless you have a specific purpose in doing so. Your study may be any length, but should be more than 1 minute long. Feel free to contact me with questions @ jdm9....
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