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Asst _7 - transitions(it is all transition in a certain...

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Dance Composition 2500  Spring 2011 Assignment #7 Due Friday, March 18 Focus: Make a study in which at  every moment  you are aware of the choices you are  making with your focus. It can be near, local, or distant; fixated, wandering, etc.  It may occasionally be down--but not much! It can contribute to a characterization  if you choose to go that way. While it is okay if you incorporate some material from studies you have done  earlier this semester, I would like to see at least half of your study be new  material. Insofar as you revise parts of an older study, you should reconsider all  aspects of it: the dynamics, the use of space, the phrasing of the movement, 
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Unformatted text preview: transitions (it is all transition in a certain sense…). If you make a completely new study, you can start with a map of what you want to do with your focus and build the study from there. For example, you could progress from an internal but attentive (e.g. listening) focus to an exploring focus to a fixated focus. It's up to you. You should perform your own study. The focus doesn’t have to be the most important aspect of your study, but it must be a strong part of both your choreography and performance....
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