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Dance Composition 2500  Spring 2011 Assignment #9 Due Friday, April 15 Half of Friday’s class will be an audition for the Mini Locally Grown Dance  Festival. Rework any of your past assignments so that you have a 3-5 minute piece that you  can show at the audition. (You may audition more than one piece.) Assignment #10 preparation, due by email Sunday, April 17 • Read Joyce Morgenroth's  Speaking of Dance: Twelve Contemporary  Choreographers on Their Craft. • Write out a summary of the process (or processes) used by each of the  choreographers. Sometimes a choreographer will give a clear description of his or  her process.  If not, try to draw inferences from their descriptions. Make sure to  note when you are drawing inferences.  • Identify a process that interests you in particular as a choreographer. Please  include a second and third choice as well.
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Unformatted text preview: • The summary and your selection should be typed double spaced and emailed. It should total 2-3 pages. • We will discuss your choices in class on Friday, April 22, with the goal of outlining a process that you will follow in making your next study. • I will clarify your assignment if need be and email it to you the next day. Assignment #10 due Friday, April 29 Make a study that uses the process you have chosen. Use this assignment to explore a way of making dances that you have not yet used. The new process might mean that your resulting study is totally different from what you’ve done before. The class will discuss the way that process affects product. You can use any number of dancers, in silence or with sound. Your piece should be at least 2 minutes in length....
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