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MAT21B-Schultens-Fall-2011.HW2 - Deepti Singh...

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Deepti Singh MAT21B-Schultens-Fall-2011 WeBWorK assignment number HW2 is due : 10/06/2011 at 11:59pm PDT. Visit http://www.math.ucdavis.edu/ jcs/21B/21B.html for the syllabus, grading policy and other information. WeBWorK is an online homework submission and grading system. Although it will tell you whether or not you have the correct answer, it is not designed to give hints or other assistance, so please do not consider it a substitute for reading the textbook, talking to other students, or going to office hours. You will normally have a limited number of attempts on each problem, and an answer will be considered wrong if there are typos, so do not guess answers, and be sure to use the Preview button on every problem before submitting an answer. Give 4 or 5 significant digits for (floating point) numerical answers. For most problems when entering numerical answers, you can if you wish enter elementary expressions such as 2 3 instead of 8, sin ( 3 * pi / 2 ) instead of -1, e ( ln ( 2 )) instead of 2, ( 2 + tan ( 3 )) * ( 4 - sin ( 5 )) 6 - 7 / 8 instead of 27620.3413, etc. Here’s the
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