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Chapter one kerby - Chapter one Occlusal adjustment Mounted...

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Chapter one Occlusal adjustment Mounted diagnostic Models Custom incisial guide table 1- Occlusal Adjustment: The ganthological opinion is that each posterior max. lingual cusp should have 3 contacts with the opposing mandibular teeth, and each posterior mandibular buccal cusp should have 3 contacts with the opposing Max. cusp in a Class 1. Both cusp-fossa and cusp to margina ridge are acceptable. Occlusion either with point contacts or tripod contacts are acceptable. Make sure no anterior posterior or mediolateral rock is present. Goals of Dentoform Adjustment 1- To Develop a stable occlusal relationship between the upper and lower members 2- No anteroposteior or mediolateral rock 3- A minimum of 3 bilateral posterior (2M and 1P) in Maximum intercuspation 4- A minimum of 3 anterior (Canines bilaterally+1 incisor) contact in max. intercuspation Adjustment Procedure: 1- Check the 4 screws at the back of the dentoform first, whenever it is noted that an occlusal discrepancy is present.
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