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Study Guide of Important Concepts for Gen. Path Exam 1 -EBV is associated with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, B-cell Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s and Nasopharyngeal Lymphoma - A guy gets into a car accident and breaks a large bone in his leg. Several hours later he gets an embolism. Most likely source would be fat from the leg bone. -What would cause a salivary gland to be enlarged for 6 months. -Bee stings are treated with antihistamine. This causes vasoconstriction and decreased vascular permeability. -A mutation in the genes for adhesion molecules would not affect: - margination: mechanical process due to slowing of blood, larger leukocytes pushed to the side of blood vessels - rolling: mediated by selectin, transient, sticking that slows the progression forward - adhesion: mediated by integrins (ICAM and VCAM) on endothelial cells - transmigration: migration of cells through BV wall mediated by PECAM-1 - Which of these is not formed by phospholipid cell membrane? - bradykinin: plasma protein, increases vascular permeability, endothelial contraction -PGI 2 : induce vasodilation -PAF: endothelial contraction, increased vascular permeability, chemotaxis -LTB 4 : leukocyte activation, chemotaxis, endothelial contraction -Know histamine and what it will do well: -Mast cells release with physical injury, vasodilation, increased vascular permeability, endothelial cells contract -Frozen secretion biopsy is prone to errors, you must do it right at surgery. -A diabetic patient wearing dentures complains about ulcers. You tell him to? - manage their diabetes better. - stop wearing the dentures -continue to wear dentures -AIDS Pt. sticks out tongue and you see a 3 cm granulomatous lesion. What disease(s) would you associate this with? TB -What would the primary cause of steatosis be? Abnormal fatty acid metabolism, accumulation -When a mouth x-ray is taken the ROS created damages cells in what ways? -lipid peroxidation, Protein cross-linking, react with thymidine and guanine to induce ssDNA breaks -Decreased oxygen will damage cell first by? Reduce ATP causing cell swelling, impairs oxidative phosphorylation. -Which is not in ECM? -collagen -fibronectin -elastic fibers -proteoglycans - keratinillin -PMN: present in acute inflammatory response, 1 st to the site -angiogenesis is characterized by multi-step regulated by growth factors
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-A liver regenerates in a couple months, these cells would be considered? -stable -labile -permanent -Chewing gum would hypertrophy jaw muscles -White infarcts occur in solid organs -The characteristics of shock: loss of pumping capacity of the heart(cardiogenic), blood loss (hypovolemic >20% blood volume), septic, anaphylactic(hypersensitivity reaction medated by IgE) -Most inflammation occurs in necrosis versus apoptosis. Know the difference between the 2. -Liquification necrosis is purulent
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Gen+Path+Exam+1+SG - Study Guide of Important Concepts for...

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