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Unit 0 – Observations, Measurements and Calculations 1.3 Thinking Like a Scientist - The Scientific Method "A logical approach to solving problems by observing and collecting data, formulating hypotheses, testing hypotheses, and formulating theories that are supported by data" A. Observing and Collecting Data 1. Observing a. The use of the senses to obtain information (1) quantitative data (2) qualitative data 2. Experimenting a. Carrying out a procedure under controlled conditions 3. System a. A specific portion of matter in a given region of space that has been selected for study during an experiment or observation B. Formulating Hypotheses 1. Generalizations about data are used to formulate a testable statement, or hypothesis C. Testing Hypotheses 1. Experimentation yields data that results in the discarding, modification, or adoption of a hypothesis or theory D. Theorizing 1. A theory is a broad generalization that explains a body of facts or phenomena a. It must allow for successful prediction of future behaviors within a system E. Publish Results 1. Experimental results must be repeatable by other scientists 3.1 Measurements and Their Uncertainty I. Scientific Notation A. Scientific Notation 1. A method of representing very large or very small numbers a. M x 10 n (1) M is a number between 1 and 10 (2) n is an integer (3) all digits in M are significant B. Reducing to Sci Notation 1. Move decimal so that M is between 1 and 10 2. Determine n by counting the number of places the decimal point was moved a. Moved to the left, n is positive b. Moved to the right, n is negative A. Mathematical Operations Using Scientific Notation 1. Addition and subtraction a. Operations can only be performed if the exponent on each number is the same
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Unit_0_Notes - Unit 0 Observations, Measurements and...

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