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EXAM II sample - Chemistry 1A Fall 2008 EXAM II NAME last...

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Chemistry 1A Fall 2008 EXAM II NAME: __________________ __________________ last first THERE ARE 6 PAGES TO THIS EXAM (including the cover page) Significant Figures must be correct. All set-ups must be shown (where applicable) or you will receive no credit. The following are constants and equations that you may or may not need. s m 10 x 3.00 c 8 s J 10 x 6.626 h -34 R = 1.097 x 10 -2 nm  = c E = mc 2 2 2 1 1 1 n m R E = h h = mc ( x)( p) h/4 FC = (# Val. Elec.) - 0.5(# of Bonding Electrons) (# of Nonbonding Electrons) 2 Electrons) g Antibondin (# - Electrons) Bonding of (# BO _____________________________________________________________ (6 Points) 1. Based on the periodic trend in electronegativity, decide which of the following bonds is the most polar? a. S-O b. S-F c. Si-O d. Al-F (6 Points) 2. Write the electron configuration for the following. What is the total number of valence electrons? Give the quantum numbers (n, l , m l , m s ) associated with the valence electron/s.
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(9 points) 3. Given the following ionic radii (shown below) arrange the Ionic Compounds in order of Lowest to Highest melting point. Briefly explain your reasoning?
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