SAMPLE RESEARCH TOPICS - 24 Optical Tweezers Manipulating...

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Examples of student research topics relevant to Chemistry 1. Phytoremediation - analysis of uptake and distribution of metals into plants 2. Oscillating clock reactions 3. Effects of caffeine on student performance 4. Energy, light, and sound transmission properties of aerogels 5. Properties of Atmospheric Aerosol 6. Properties of foams 7. Reaction rates in nucleophilic substitutions 8. Lung surfactants in newborns 9. Studies of ants or other insects - tracking and communication behavior 10. Self-healing and self-cleaning materials 11. Evaporation: Chemical Dynamics 12. Tropospheric Ozone 13. Protein folding and misfolding 14. Chemical Techniques in Art Conservation 15. Chemical Reactions in Real-Time 16. Superfluid Helium 17. Clathrates: Burning Ice 18. Greenhouse Gases: Mechanism for energy trapping 19. Detergents and Soaps 20. Medicinal Chemistry 21. Theoretical Chemistry: Mathematics in Chemical Applications 22. Nanotubes 23. Surface Reactions
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Unformatted text preview: 24. Optical Tweezers: Manipulating Organelles in Living Cells 25. Pyrotechnics: The Chemistry behind fireworks 26. Drug Discovery 27. Photosynthesis 28. Novel Catalysts 29. The Chemistry of adhesives 30. Astrochemistry 31. The Chemistry of cloud formation 32. Radiactive Dating 33. Light Emitting Diodes 34. Mechanism of oxygen transport by Hemoglobin 35. Biomimicking 36. Sunscreen 37. Vitamin C: The Pauling Hypothesis 38. The Chemistry of synapses 39. Bioengineering 40. Strength of materials 41. Soil Dynamics 42. Properties and composition of concretes 43. Nanotechnology and the effects of size of materials on properties (Quantum Dots) 44. Human pheromones - can their influence be observed? 45. Microwave catalysis of reactions 46. "Bounce" as an insect repellant and other properties 47. Chemistry of gardening 48. Antibiotics 49. LASERS in Chemistry 50. Light interaction with Matter 51. Superconductivity 52. Bioluminescence...
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SAMPLE RESEARCH TOPICS - 24 Optical Tweezers Manipulating...

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