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CHEMISTRY-1B SPRING 2009 GUIDELINES FOR INDEPENDENT RESEARCH PROJECT I. General Requirements This will be a research project that each student will work on individually. You will choose a topic of interest related to the course material of this class, and educate yourself on the topic. You will then share your expertise and present your topic in the form of a poster presentation. In researching your topic, you will need to use a variety of resources including books, peer reviewed journals, or professional society magazines. II. Project Components All components of this project, except for project selection, must be typed. The recommended font is Times New Roman (size 12). Include your name the title of your project on all submitted components of the project. a) Project Topic Selection Once you have decided the topic that you are interested to do research on, submit the topic to your instructor and obtain approval. b) Abstract The abstract summarizes your project. By reading the abstract the reader should come away with a very good understanding as to the topic discussed in the report. The abstract should be written concisely and with enough detail to interest someone. It should be single-spaced and should not be shorter than one half of a page and no longer than one single page. The abstract shall be submitted electronically. c) Presentation You will present your project findings to the class and faculty within the Division of Math and Science. You should stand by your poster to allow sufficient classmates and faculty to view your poster; your worked hard show it off your poster! The presentation will be graded with regard to organization, quality of the material presented, amount of chemistry related to the topic, content accuracy, and aesthetics. Consult with your instructor to set up your presentation. Be creative and make sure that the contents are presented in such a way that they keep the listeners interested.
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d) Project Report The project report will contain all of the following: Title page: Title, student name, title of course, instructor, and date. Table of Contents:
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Guidelines_for_Presentation-2009-1 - CHEMISTRY-1B SPRING...

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