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FINAL REVISION POINTERS I know that you are all eager to know the format of the final examination - so here it is: ACCT2015 - Financial Accounting II Exam Date: Monday 2, 2011 Time: 9am Duration: 2 hours Exam Paper is divided into two sections: Section A consists of one compulsory question with three parts - you must answer this question. Section B consists of three questions from which you will choose two to answer. Each of these questions will have a compuational and theoretical component to it. For your revision, please find some questions that will assist you: Revenue Recognition E18-7; E18-8 Investments E17-7 Leases E21-1; E21-2 Equity E15-5; E15-2; and E15-15 13 edition Solutions to the questions Word document
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Unformatted text preview: Solutions to questions - 12 edition Word document Areas of Focus Computational questions: Revenue recognition - percentage completion and completed contract methods Investments - journal entries including adjusting entries, unrealised holding gains/losses, sale of investments Leases - identifying types of leases and knowing the criteria for each lease Equity - Lump sum issuances of shares, etc; share issuance, stock splits and stock dividends. Theory: Accounting changes and accounting errors Pensions Annuitites and their characteristics Stock splits, stock dividends and their effect on equity accounts Asset Impairment GOOD LUCK!...
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FINAL REVISION POINTERS accounts - Solutions to questions -...

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