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UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Dixon School of Accounting – Cost Accounting I – Spring 2011 BLUE CLASS Tuesday/Thursday 10:30am – 11:45am BA1 Room 146 ACG 3361-0002 GREEN CLASS Tuesday/Thursday 3:00pm – 4:15pm BA1 Room 146 ACG 3361-0003 Instructor: Barbara A. Durham, CMA Email: [email protected] Phone: 407-579-0041 (cell phone) 407-823-3881 (fax) Web Page: Office Location: BA 1 Room 465 Office Hours: schedule posted on class webpage Prerequisites : Junior standing, and MAC 1105, ECO 2013, ECO 2023, and ACG 2071 with a grade of "C". It is assumed that the student has an understanding of Time Value of Money and already knows the material in Chapter 2 of the text (Cost Terms and Purposes, Schedule of CGS, CGM, Product versus Period costs) and Chapter 3 (Cost Volume Profit Analysis). Objectives: The purpose of this class is to thoroughly familiarize the student with the various uses of accounting information for planning and control, costing and pricing decisions. Materials: Required – Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis 13 th Edition by Horngren, Datar and Foster with My Accounting Lab Textbook Website : This website has free resources including self testing materials. My Accounting Lab Course Codes (same for both sections): Class Section Class Color Meeting Time MAL Course ID 3361-0002 Blue Class T/TR 10:30 XL0L-X124-601Y-8ED2 3361-0003 Green Class T/TR 3:00 pm XL0L-X124-601Y-8ED2 Required Resources: An email address, internet access, EXCEL, WORD and a calculator capable of doing time value of money and NPV calculations such as an HP 10BII calculator. Bring your textbook and a calculator to each class. Method of Instruction : Class sessions will include lectures, problem solving and class discussion. There will be significant class time devoted to going over problems. Students are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification of issues when necessary. Evaluation: Grades will be based on the following percentages: Test #1 CH 1,2,3 10% Test #2 CH 4,5,6,7 20% Test #3 CH 9,10,11,12 20% Test #4 CH 23, 14/15, 13/19 20% Test #5 CH 17, 21 15% Homework 15% Total points possible 100.00% Grading Scale: A = At least 90% of available points B = At least 80% but less than 90%
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This note was uploaded on 11/12/2011 for the course ACG 3361 taught by Professor Durham during the Spring '08 term at University of Central Florida.

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Syllabus - UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Dixon School of...

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