Week 2 Application: Nation Creation

Week 2 Application: Nation Creation - The nation of...

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The nation of Fareseland is rich in natural resources like coal, natural gas, and iron ore. As such, Fareseland is involved extensively in international trading across the European continent. While Fareseland participates in open trade with several European nations, such as Germany, Italy, and France, much of our exports go to Russia, which has vast deposits of natural resources itself, but they are mostly concentrated in Siberia. As a result, much of this wealth is inaccessible, or extremely expensive to extract (Ziegler, 1999). The active trade is an integral part of Fareseland's overall political strategy. Fareseland exports much more than it imports, and has positioned itself strategically as an asset to almost all of the Great Powers of Europe. While the wealth of resources might give another nation a reason to consider invading Fareseland, the fact that so many other nations rely on Fareseland exports means that no single power, nor any currently active alliance, could successfully invade. This is the essence of Fareseland's security policy. Fareseland prefers not to align itself with any particular state or party, but rather to serve its own interests in a manner which maintains a strategic
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Week 2 Application: Nation Creation - The nation of...

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