Week 4 Application: Memoirs

Week 4 Application: Memoirs - October 1914 The war is in...

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October, 1914 The war is in full swing now and His Majesty's government has been putting up posters all over town to let us know why we're fighting. Can you believe that the German's are decapitating infants and chopping off the hands of young Belgian boys? (Heyman, 2002). They're animals, I tell you! I read that in the paper just today. I've also read that they're raping civilian women at every opportunity. If I had any doubts before, they've gone now. This German menace must be stopped. I only wish I was old enough to join the army and serve the crown properly! February, 1915 It seems as though the war is taking longer than they said it would. Also, I've noticed that the government has increased it's recruiting efforts. I saw a poster yesterday aimed at women; it was trying to convince them to let their husbands go to war to fight for the crown. It said, among other things, “When the War is over and someone asks your husband or your son what he did in the great War, is he to hang his head because you would not let him go?” (Heyman, 2002). May, 1915 I can't believe the tragic news we've just received: Those cowardly Germans fired on the Lusitania, a giant passenger vessel en route from New York to Liverpool. They sank the ship with almost 1,600 people on board! I've heard some tales of a few survivors, but I'm sure many more sank to the murky depths than were saved. They say the boat sank very quickly, much more quickly than it should have. I've heard some people say that it was because the Lusitania was carrying explosives from the U.S. for use by the Royal Army. They say that because of that, the Germans didn't really do anything wrong. But I've also heard other stories that say the torpedo may have simply hit the area of the ship where the
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Week 4 Application: Memoirs - October 1914 The war is in...

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