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RADT 153 Image Analysis Unit 15 Exam The Effects of Film Processing on Radiographic Quality
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Unit 15.0 Effects of Film Processing in Radiographic Quality Unit Exam Directions: 1. Write your name and the date on your Scantron form. Identify the subject as the course number (for example, RADT 101) along with the test number (for example, Unit 1). 2. For each of the questions below, select the best answer to the question. 3. Using a No. 2 pencil, fill in the appropriate answer on the answer sheet. 4. Erase unwanted answers completely. Questions with two or more filled in answer spaces are graded as incorrect. 5. Answer all questions. 6. You have a maximum 15 minutes to complete the following 25 questions. (Note this time factor approximates the amount of time you would be allowed to answer the same number of questions on the Registry examination in radiography) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Appropriate lighting conditions are necessary to prevent fog on the film during film processing. A. True B. False 2. Fog on a radiograph appears as _______________________. A. blur B. distortion C. motion D. unwanted density E. unsharpness 3. What cause fog or unwanted density on a radiograph? 1.
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RADT_153_Unit_15_Exam - RADT 153 Image Analysis Unit 15...

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