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EE114 Introduction to Speech and Image Processing Winter Quarter, 2011 Page 1 of 8 EE114 Image Processing Exam Solutions Notes: - For all problems please circle or otherwise clearly indicate your answers! The use of calculators or other electronic devices with calculator-like functionality is not permitted on this test. You may find one or both of the following formulas useful: p k = 1 1 - p k = 0 , where p < 1 kp k = p 1 - p ( 29 2 k = 1 , where p < 1 1. Filter Identification (25 points) There are two images below, with the input image on the left (32 by 32) and the output image (34 by 34) on the right. The output image was generated by convolving the input image with a 3 by 3, 2D filter of the form a b c d e f g h i where some of the elements a through i may be zero. All of the elements a through i are non- negative. (Given the information in the input and output images below, the specific location of the origin in the above representation of the 3 by 3 filter is not needed to solve this problem). Pixel values in the images shown below are represented from 0 (black) to 255 (white). In the
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114_1_image_proc_exam_solns_2011_Part1 - EE114 Winter...

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