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CSEE W4824 Prof. Luca Carloni QUESTIONNAIRE (Please Print Neatly) Handout 3 September 7, 2011 Name: E-mail: Columbia UNI: School/Degree Program (BA/BS/MS/PhD): Year (freshman/sophomore/etc., which year of MS/PhD): Major/Department: Credit/Audit/Undecided: Your Background: 1. CS 3827: Have you taken CSEE W3827 Fundamental of Computer Systems at Columbia? If yes, indicate which semester and which instructor. If no, indicate which equivalent course(s) on you took (university, year, instructor). 2. Are you familiar with basic processor and ALU design ? 3. Did you cover RISC processors: MIPS, DLX, Alpha, etc.? (which ones, how familiar) 4. Did you cover CISC processors: Intel 80x86, 68000, IBM 360, etc.? (which ones, how familiar) 5. Are you familiar with assembly languages ? (which ones, how familiar) 6. Pipelining:
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Unformatted text preview: did you cover ( circle appropriate entries )?: (i) pipelining basics; (ii) data hazards; (iii) stalls; (iv) forwarding (i.e., bypassing); (v) control/branch hazards 7. Caches: did you cover basics of caches, including: direct-mapped, set-associative, and fully-associative? 8. Digital Logic: are you familiar with ( circle entries )?: (i) basic Boolean algebra; (ii) truth tables; (iii) Karnaugh maps; (iv) basic logic gates (AND, OR, NAND, NOT, . . . ); (v) basic components (multiplexers, registers, ALUs, etc.); (vi) combinational logic design; (vii) sequential logic design (Mealy/Moore machines, . . . ). 9. Which high-level programming language (C, C++, Java, . . . ) do you know? Other: Comments, questions, suggested topics (continue on the back of this page if necessary):...
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