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ECH 152A, Fall 2011, Roland Faller Homework 1, September 26, 2011 Due: October 3, Beginning of Lecture 1. (4 points) UNITS Electric current is the fundamental SI dimension with unit Ampere . For the following quantities combine fundamental SI units to obtain derived SI units Electric power, electric charge, resistance, and voltage. 2. (4 points) A mercurcy manometer at 25 C gives a reading of 71.38 cm at a point where the local acceleration of gravity is 9.82 ms - 2 . The atmo- spheric pressure is 100.78 kPa. What is the absolute pressure being measured? ρ Hg (25
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Unformatted text preview: C) = 13 . 534gcm-3 . How does it change with the local acceleration of gravity? 3. (4 points) The rst measurements of the properties of highpressure gases were made by Amagat in France in the 1860s. He worked in a mine shaft using a mercury manometer for pressures up to 400 bar (approx 40 MPa). (He actually later improved his design to go to 3200 bar.) Estimate the size of the instrument needed (for 400 bar). If you assume the diameter of the mercury column was 1 cm, what was the weight of the mercury in the instrument?...
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