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Civil Engineering CIVE3203 A Stru. Anal. Homework No. 4 1 Homework 4: Due 11:30AM, Friday, Nov. 18, 2011 Question 1 [30 marks] Determine the vertical displacement of joint d in the following truss for each of the following cases: 1. due to the applied loads, and 2. due to a temperature change of +50 C of the bottom chord (members df and ef ) Use E = 200000 MPa, α = 12 × 10 - 6 mm/mm/ C . For the bar sizes, all members that are in compression under the applied loads have A = 1000 mm 2 and all other members have
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Unformatted text preview: A = 500 mm 2 . a b c d e f 20kN 20kN 2m 2m 1.5m Question 2 [20 marks] Determine the horizontal displacement of point a due to the applied loads in each of the frames in the following gure. The frames are not the same. 20kN 20kN a b c 3m 1m E = 200 000MPa I = 100x10 6 mm 4 A = 400mm 2 20kN 20kN a b c 3m E = 200 000MPa I = 100x10 6 mm 4 A = 400mm 2 Structure A Structure B $Id: hw4.tex 5044 2011-11-11 16:44:27Z nholtz $...
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