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WEEK 3- Classical Conditioning 1and2

WEEK 3- Classical Conditioning 1and2 - Classical...

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WEEK 3- Classical Conditioning 1 -Allows us to associate two related -allows us to associate actions events and consequences -Done by famous Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov. *When an organism learns the association between a signal and an event, we say that a contingency has formed between the two stimuli. Classical Conditioning: The learning of a contingency between a particular signal and a later event that are paired in time and/or space. Unconditioned Stimulus (US): -Any stimulus or event. -Occurs naturally, prior to learning. Unconditional Response (UR): -The response that occurs after the unconditioned Stimulus. -Occurs naturally, prior to any learning. Conditioned Stimulus (CS): -Paired with the unconditioned stimulus to produce a learned contingency. Conditioned Response (CR): contingency between the CS and the US has been learned The process by which a contingency between a CS and US is learned is called acquisition. Extinction: The loss of the CR when the CS no longer predicts the US.
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Classical Conditioning 2
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Unformatted text preview: Classical conditioning of learned responses to a variety of different stimuli occurs through a process called stimulus generalization . The compliment to stimulus generalization is stimulus discrimination. While stimulus generalization allows a variety of CSs to elicit a CR to some degree, stimulus discrimination does the opposite; it restricts the range of CSs that can elicit a CR. CS+ Presence of biological stimulus CS- Absence of biological stimulus A PHOBIA is an exaggerated, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, or people. -Phobias can also arise in the absence of a specific traumatic experience.-Treating phobias with implosive therapy or systematic desensitization requires the patient to voluntarily endure anxiety before extinction begins. • Your body is actively working to keep core temperature, glucose and ion levels, and numerous other processes within strict parameters through a process called homeostasis ....
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WEEK 3- Classical Conditioning 1and2 - Classical...

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