WEEK 3- Classical Conditioning 1and2

WEEK 3- Classical Conditioning 1and2 - Classical...

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WEEK 3- Classical Conditioning 1 -Allows us to associate two related -allows us to associate actions events and consequences -Done by famous Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov. *When an organism learns the association between a signal and an event, we say that a contingency has formed between the two stimuli. Classical Conditioning: The learning of a contingency between a particular signal and a later event that are paired in time and/or space. Unconditioned Stimulus (US): -Any stimulus or event. -Occurs naturally, prior to learning. Unconditional Response (UR): -The response that occurs after the unconditioned Stimulus. -Occurs naturally, prior to any learning. Conditioned Stimulus (CS): -Paired with the unconditioned stimulus to produce a learned contingency. Conditioned Response (CR): contingency between the CS and the US has been learned The process by which a contingency between a CS and US is learned is called acquisition. Extinction: The loss of the CR when the CS no longer predicts the US.
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Classical Conditioning 2
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Unformatted text preview: Classical conditioning of learned responses to a variety of different stimuli occurs through a process called stimulus generalization . The compliment to stimulus generalization is stimulus discrimination. While stimulus generalization allows a variety of CSs to elicit a CR to some degree, stimulus discrimination does the opposite; it restricts the range of CSs that can elicit a CR. CS+ Presence of biological stimulus CS- Absence of biological stimulus A PHOBIA is an exaggerated, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, or people. -Phobias can also arise in the absence of a specific traumatic experience.-Treating phobias with implosive therapy or systematic desensitization requires the patient to voluntarily endure anxiety before extinction begins. Your body is actively working to keep core temperature, glucose and ion levels, and numerous other processes within strict parameters through a process called homeostasis ....
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WEEK 3- Classical Conditioning 1and2 - Classical...

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