162 I Exam I V1 Fall 2010

162 I Exam I V1 Fall 2010 - Chemistry 162 Exam I October 5,...

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Chemistry 162 Exam I October 5, 2010 Student Name: ____________________________ Recitation Section Number: ______ Recitation Instructor: _______________________ The exam has 20 questions for credit and an additional one to check the color of your exam booklet. Please answer all 21 questions on the OpScan sheet . There is no penalty for guessing. At the end of the 80-minute exam period, please hand in only this top sheet and your OpScan form. If you finish early, please do not disturb your fellow students. A proctor will check your picture-ID, OpScan form, and signature during the exam. Exam scores will be posted as soon as possible. ON THE OpScan FORM: [Use a Number 2 Pencil or Darker] SEC. PER. INST. (1) SIGN your name across the TOP of the form. 01 T6 PORCJA (2) Code ONLY the following information: [ blacken circles] 02 T6 WAIDLICH (a) Your Name… LAST NAME FIRST 04 TH6 PORCJA [ Blank space between last and first names] 06 TH6 WAIDLICH (b) Your RU ID NUMBER [Start under Box A and continue to Box I ] 07 T8 WAIDLICH (c) Your RECITATION SECTION NUMBER [Boxes K & L ] 08 T8 PORCJA [Sections 01 – 08, code the zero under Box K ] (d) Your EXAM FORM NUMBER [Box P ] Your EXAM FORM is: 1 See last page of exam for physical constants, periodic table, and other information.
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162 EXAM I V1 FALL 2010 2 NOTE: FILL IN THE COVER SHEET COMPLETELY BEFORE STARTING THE EXAM TO AVOID PENALTY . 1. What is the simplest formula of a solid containing A, B, and C atoms in a cubic lattice in which A atoms occupy four corners, the B atoms occupy eight edges and the C atoms occupy four faces and the center of the unit cell? A. A 3 B 5 C 8 B. AB 3 C 3 C. A 3 B 5 C 6 D. AB 4 C 6 E. AB 3 C 4 2. 212 g of Na
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162 I Exam I V1 Fall 2010 - Chemistry 162 Exam I October 5,...

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