mba 522 2 Q-A on drawing regression line

mba 522 2 Q-A on drawing regression line - Plot this point....

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Here is the regression equation for Armand Pizza Parlor: Y^ = 60 + 5X. Plug 0 for X. You would get Y^ = 60. Plot that point (which is the intercept point and goes on the Y axis). See this point plotted in figure 12.4 (page 473). Now pick another value for X. For example, plug 20 for X in the equation. Y^ = 60 + 5(20) = 160.
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Unformatted text preview: Plot this point. The coordinate for it would be (20, 160) Using a straight line, connect the two points you plotted. Extend the line in both directions. Now, you have successfully (and manually) graphed the regression line through the Armand scatter diagram, just like you see it in your book. Dr. J....
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