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Here is my explanation for all parts of problem 5-38. a. You must use equation 5.11. The problem says to use mu=3. So, plug 3 for mu in equation 5.11 to answer part a. b. Here: mu=3, x=2. To solve this with your calculator put in the following key-strokes: 3 Y x 2 x (multiply key) 3 +|- button 2nd key LN key division key 2 2nd key x (multiply key) = At this point, you should see on your display: 0.2240. You can also reach this answer by using the Poisson table in the appendix of the book. Or, you could use the Poisson function in Excel. It works the same way as the Binomial
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Unformatted text preview: function (described in the appendix of chapter -- appendix 5.2). c. follow the same steps as in part b. But use x=1. d) X must be greater than or equal to 2. You could use the complement of this to calculate the answer. Use: P (x >= 2) = 1 - [f(0) + f(1)] You have calculated f(1) in part c. Calculate f(0). Add up f(0) and f(1), and subtract the answer from 1 to get the answer for part d. Dr. J....
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