mba 522 6-20-c in 5th edition

mba 522 6-20-c in 5th edition - You will find.8 and.04...

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Z axis 0 Z=0.84 (from table) (see text below) To answer 6-20-c, we must look in the entries within the table (within the table means the probability values, not the z vlaues that are in the top and left margin). Find the listing that comes closest to 0.8 within table entries (see above diagram to determine why we look for 0.8). The closest number to 0.8 is 0.7995 in the table. When you find it, go to the left margin on its row, and to the top margin of its column.
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Unformatted text preview: You will find .8 and .04, respectively. Add them to get 0.84 as the Z value. So, at Z=0.84, 30% of the area under the curve is contained b/w the mean and 0.84. With that knowledge, plug 0.84 as Z in the Z equation, use 77 as the mean, and use 20 as the standard deviation. Then solve for X. Dr. J. 20% Total is 80% 6-20-c In 5 th edition of Anderson/Sweeney/ Williams 0.5 0.3...
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