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Checking off the Labels box in Excel’s Regression Analysis Tool Students often miss a very important detail in reading the appendix for ch. 12. Note the steps described in the appendix of chapter 12 for Excel. In step 5, if you select cells C1 and B1 (which are the column headings or variable names for Y and X), then you MUST select "Labels" by checking off the little box next to it. That way, Excel recognizes that the first cells hold variable names and are not numerical values. A mistake that students often make is the following: They don't select the variable name in the range for X and Y, but they do put the check
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Unformatted text preview: mark in the box for labels. Therefore, Excel assumes that the first cell is the variable name and does not count it in the number of observations! This can lead to wrong answers b/c the first pair of X and Y values never get included in the calculations performed by Excel. You can easily check to make sure you have not made a mistake by noticing the "observations" reported in your Excel printout. If it does not match the paired observations of X and Y that you meant to include in the study, you should go back and run your analysis again. Dr. J....
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