Timeline 1400-1600

Timeline 1400-1600 - Timeline 1402-51: Chinese voyages to...

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Timeline 1402-51: Chinese voyages to the Indian Ocean under Zheng He 1450’s: Development of the printing press with movable metal type 1450’s: War pitting Venice against Milan, Florence, and Naples 1450’s: First contact between Portuguese and Mali empire in W. Africa 1450’s: Lorenzo Valla uses his humanist skills to detect forged documents 1453: Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople 1453: End of the Hundred Years War 1458: Pius II becomes Pope 1492: Columbus lands in the Caribbean 1493: Inter caetera divides the world between Portugal and Spain 1494: Treaty of Tordesillas moves Inter caetera 370 leagues west 1497: Vasco de Gama reaches India 1497: John Cabot leads the first English expedition to New World 1521: Magellan is killed in the islands that become the Philippines 1521:Cortes and his allies defeat the Aztecs 1526-30: Babur of Moghul Dynasty conquers northern India 1532: Pizarro conquers the Inca Empire 1540’s: Japanese lords allow the Portuguese to trade in Japan
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