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Real-world application of correlation/regression by a student in one of my online sections: I wanted to share a real world use of statistics in business. At work my department was tasked to develop software for our doctors to type their patient encounter notes into a computer. It was not well recieved as it is much easier and faster to handwrite these notes. The problem was that nobody could read them. We have since written three different application attempting to make this process easier, none of which has been successful. Last week we were tasked with yet another attempt to make this process easier. In frustration, I compiled data for the last year, nearly 40,000 of these encounter notes. I found that the average time it took a doctor to type one of these notes was a bit over twelve minutes. 24% of the notes were created while the patient was waiting to checkout. The remainder were being created after the doctors shift was over and did not affect
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Unformatted text preview: patient check-out time. I found a high correlation between the time a patient waited to checkout for those doctors who completed the encounter notes prior to the patient leaving as compared to those doctors who waited until the end of their shift. I then compared the lost revenue due to the creation of the note and compared it with the cost of hiring a transcriptionist to complete the notes for the doctors. When all was analyzed and presented it made better financial sense to drop the encounter note project and hire staff to perform transcription. Recommended sites by students: (includes animation to show you how including more independent variables improves the predictability of the model).
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