mba 522 Using your calculator to get e raised to X

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Using your calculator to compute e^-x To raise e to the power of a number, you must first decide how to use your calculator. Below are two strategies (A and B) to use depending on the buttons on your calculator. e is Euler’s number: e=2.71828. So, if on your calculator you take e^1, you should get 2.71828 on your calculator’s display. A) If you have a button that says e^x, then do the following to compute e^1. Press 1 press the e^x You should now see 2.71828 on your display. B) If you have a natural log button on your calculator, which says LN on it, then on top of that button should say (in yellow) e^x. So, if you press the second function key (yellow
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Unformatted text preview: key) on your calculator first and then the LN button, it takes e and will raise it to the power of whatever number you want. So, clear your calculator and press 1. Then press 2nd fct. key (yellow) now press LN button. Now the display on your calculator should say: 2.71828. To solve for: e^(-30/12) enter 30 press the +/- key press divide key press 12 hit equal sign At this point if strategy A applies to you hit the e^x button to get 0.082, or if strategy B applies to you: hit 2nd fct key press LN key to get the answer of 0.082. Dr. J....
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