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POM/QM for Windows Tutorials and Help Menu Perhaps your best bet to get started with using POM/QM for Windows software is to go through the tutorial that is available for it: http://wps.prenhall.com/bp_weiss_software_1/0,6750,91661-,00.html Once you are in the software, there is also a Help Menu in there that you could use. The custom book has a very short appendix to introduce the software. Below, I have started to explain how to use the software for Forecasting. This may also be a good starting point for you. But above all, you must study the material first before attempting to use the software. And then when you sit at the computer, you must allow some time for browsing around and studying each result window patiently so you can understand what kind of outcomes it generates for each module and each model. Using QM for forecasting In using QM for forecasting applications, notice that you have a choice between time series analysis and least squares (simple vs. multiple regression).
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