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MBA 652 CASE STUDY SPRINGFIELD - Problem statement price...

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Problem statement: price point decision Larry Buckingham needs to set a pricing structure for the Springfield Nor’easters minor league baseball team’s game tickets that maximizes revenue. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats As the chart below will demonstrate, the most important internal strengths for the Nor’easters are that their stadium and parking lot are free, and they have a significant database of potential customers. One major segment of potential customers is hockey fans that may soon lose their minor league hockey team. In terms of weaknesses, the team has a marketing director who has no experience in the sports industry, and there is no mention of a sales department to support marketing efforts. Internal Factors Strengths Weaknesses Customer knowledge or understanding Buckingham has extensive info about target markets from multiple surveys. Buckingham is not 100% sure the survey data will yield accurate results. Stadium / Parking Lot It’s free; so no significant infrastructure investment or lease agreement is needed. Need to design ticket pricing schedule to fit stadium configuration. Product branding The team has a logo that can be used to generate increased interest. Customers are used to seeing hockey; may resist baseball initially. Marketing Significant research data available for decision makers. Marketing director has limited experience in sports industry. Finance Free stadium and parking. Major league parent team pays for player salaries. Need a large investment in marketing because it’s a new team. Sales May be able to pick up sales reps from departing Falcons hockey team. No sales team or department is mentioned in the case. External Factors Opportunities Threats Customers Large fan base: steal customers from Falcons; whether they leave town or not. If Falcons stay customers may split between the two minor league sports teams.
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Collaborators Major league parent team (Red Sox) has a huge rivalry with another team (Yankees). If the minor league teams could create a similar rivalry it would create significant revenue.
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MBA 652 CASE STUDY SPRINGFIELD - Problem statement price...

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