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MBA 652 Springfield Case background - Problem Set up a...

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Problem Set up a price point for individual games and season ticket prices that is not too high to scare away price conscious Springfield residents, yet not too low to leave money on the table. Price needs to generate enough revenue to at least break even and provide a fun, family-oriented experience. Strengths and Weaknesses: Resources and Capabilities Resources are tangible (e.g., equipment, machinery, mail list), intangible (e.g., brand name, customer knowledge, money), or human assets that the firm currently possesses. Resources likely emerge as the result of prior investments, actions or ongoing capabilities. Examples of marketing resources include: Customer information system (i.e., a CRM database) Customer knowledge or understanding Customer loyalty Customer relationships High-quality product (be sure to specify the specific attributes that are valued) Brand trademarks Brand awareness Brand equity Reseller (e.g., retailer) knowledge or understanding Reseller (e.g., retailer) relationships Retail locations Distribution network Sales force All forms of capital (money, plant, equipment) are resources that might be relevant, especially if the lack of these resources creates a constraint . Capabilities are skills in deploying individual resources (e.g., patents, know-how, brand names, equipment) to perform a task or activity to produce a desired end result. What the firm can do as a result of teams of resources working together. Examples of marketing capabilities include: Product Management New product development, customized or superior-quality goods or especially services… Communications Management Brand-building capability, positioning capability, advertising message delivery, personalized communications capability, integrated marketing communications capability… Pricing Management Sophisticated yield management systems capability… Channel Management
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Sales & distribution capability, retailer (or wholesaler/distributor) management Customer Relationship Management , customer segmentation & targeting capability, personalized communications capability… Marketing Planning Sales forecasting capability Program Management Ability to coordinate all marketing activities for multiple product lines and brands within product lines Ability to use focus group & survey data to develop customer segmentation and targeting schema After brainstorming a list of relevant resources & capabilities, apply the test . We are interested in resources & capabilities that are rare (i.e., competitors do not have this resource & capability) & valuable (i.e., it contributes to
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MBA 652 Springfield Case background - Problem Set up a...

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