MBA 652 Week 3 Discussion Questions

MBA 652 Week 3 Discussion Questions - (1 Why might an...

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(1) Why might an organization alter its market targeting strategy over time? Support your answer. If the product or service is not selling as expected, a modification might be necessary (Professional Advertising, 2002). The market targeting strategy questions include where to compete, how to compete, and when to compete (Kerri & Peterson, 2010). If an organization answered these questions, but did not generate revenue as expected, then the target strategy is likely flawed. Perhaps they are competing in the wrong location, using the wrong methods or means, or spending their dollars at the wrong times. Another reason is that competition, technology and customers change over time. Think about these two market targeting questions: where to compete and how to compete. Fifteen years ago the answer did not likely include the internet. Because of technological changes, this is now a place to compete, and it’s also a way to compete. You not only market on the internet, but you also sell on the internet. Additionally, because of the availability of computers and internet service, many customers now expect companies to have information available on the internet. A common theme in all three questions this week is the ability of an organization to keep up with social trends. If something in the social environment changes, then the organization should evaluate how that change impacts their marketing strategies. This includes their competition, the available technology, and the habits of their potential customers. References
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Kerin, R. & Peterson, R. (2010). Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments. Boston, MA: Prentice Hall. Professional Advertising.
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MBA 652 Week 3 Discussion Questions - (1 Why might an...

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