MBA 652 Week 5 Discussion Questions

MBA 652 Week 5 Discussion Questions - (1) Under what...

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(1) Under what conditions is a push strategy appropriate? Give specific examples. Now, discuss the conditions in which a pull strategy is appropriate. Give specific examples. Support your answer Push strategy is appropriate when a new product is introduced and brand recognition has not been achieved. The push term refers to the method of pushing a product through a retailer’s doors by making agreements with distributors or floor managers. This strategy is known as taking the product to the customer (Marketing Made Simple, n.d.) To provide an example of this, I will refer back to a product I mentioned last week. 7-Up Retro is a new product that was recently introduced. The packaging for this product is extremely unique, because the can and box design look like white tiger stripes. Based on its unique packaging and the potential for the product to jump off the shelves, this product was a great example of something that could be used to make deals with retailers and distributors. Pull strategy is appropriate when brand recognition has been achieved and customers are actively attempting to purchase a specific product. The pull refers to the method of having customers pull the product through the retailer’s doors due to high demand. This is accomplished by offering manufacturers coupons, other sales promotions, and customer relationship management tactics (Magloff, n.d.). This strategy is known as bringing the customer to the product. An example of a pull strategy is when the manufacturer of a children’s toy advertises that toy on a children’s television show. One memorable example for me would be Transformers action figures. This action figure / cartoon television show was
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wildly popular when I was a child. They used a brilliant strategy; briefly introducing a
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MBA 652 Week 5 Discussion Questions - (1) Under what...

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