MBA 652CASE STUDY CHEVROLET EUROPE - Problem statement...

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choose a brand positioning approach Chevrolet Europe’s Project Midas group must select a brand positioning approach to facilitate converting the GM Daewoo Europe’s models to Chevrolet models while growing the Chevrolet brand, increasing sales, while maintaining Daewoo’s existing product line, product names and models, dealers, operating practices and policies. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Chevrolet Europe and its parent company GM have a tremendous international presence with assets and extensive experience in the global automobile market. However, the Chevrolet brand is virtually unknown in Europe, and product awareness for the GM Daewoo models is also limited with the exception of the Matiz, which is considered part of the microvan segment in Europe. Internal Factors Strengths Weaknesses Management Experienced; GM began in 1908, Chevrolet began in 1911; Daewoo introduced to Europe in 1994. Chevrolet cannot change current Daewoo policies, prices, or procedures. Product awareness Good brand awareness for Daewoo’s Matiz; no awareness for Chevrolet means no prejudice among audience. Low product awareness beyond Matiz; very low awareness for Chevrolet is considered negative in most situations. Product design Car is practical and is considered reliable among customers. No diesel engine available; no option to redesign under current scenario. Marketing Significant research data available for decision makers; $75 marketing budget. $75 million may not be enough for this challenge; marketing efforts have been frozen for several years. Dealer network It exists already. It cannot be altered. Price Daewoo brands are priced lower than VW comparable vehicles in every segment. Low prices make vehicles
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MBA 652CASE STUDY CHEVROLET EUROPE - Problem statement...

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