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1. Visit and (a) explain what this site is used for and why this site could be important to you. (b) Using this site, locate the definitions of accounting information system (AIS), executive information systems, neural networks, rapid application development design, thin client, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and decision support system. Include these definitions in your document (do NOT copy and paste them into your document – a couple of sentences in your own words will be fine); if the definitions are not included at this site, find another site containing the information you need. 1a. Description of site: the website is useful as a general investigative site, especially in terms of the MBA541 course. The site appears to be a comprehensive online dictionary and encyclopedia of current IT terms that focuses on educating both the IT professional and those who are, “IT challenged.” 1b. Definitions. Accounting Information System: This term describes the modern effort of organizations to align accounting systems with information systems to make it easier to manage the accounting system using technology. Managers in modern organizations are always looking for ways to align things so that common goals are achieved seamlessly. ( information-systems ) Executive Information Systems: This term describes the infrastructure, or network of systems that provides information to executives. The infrastructure collects information from several different databases which may include financial data, inventory data, sales figures, market trends and share price information. The system may also be customized to facilitate executive-level decision making ( ) Neural Networks: This term describes what a system of data structures and programs that work together to function similar to a human’s brain. Programs and structures work together with specifically codified relationships that facilitates predictable future outcomes. One example of using neural networks is weather forecasting. For managers, this decreases the analytical workload by having computers do the work for them. ( network ) Rapid Application Development Design: This term refers to the process of developing programming applications. The term / approach was introduced in the 1970’s in response to the recurring problem of applications being developed so slowly that they were not useful by the time they were deployed with a system. For a manager, it is critical to have applications capable of handling information requirements. Keeping up with the times is challenging, but RADD supports this effort.
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MBA541INTERNETPROG - 1. Visit and (a)...

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