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Excel Guide from Textbook

Excel Guide from Textbook - EXCEL TEMPLATES OPERATIONS...

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EXCEL TEMPLATES OPERATIONS GUIDE EXCEL TEMPLATES were developed by McGraw-Hill/Irwin to accompany Managerial Accounting, Eighth Edition, by Ron Hilton . It is designed to provide you, the student, with experience in using microcomputers in accounting by working selected problems at the end of chapters, using spreadsheet templates developed for Excel 2003. The purpose of this guide is to provide general software operating instructions as well as to provide specific help in completing Excel Template problems. The guide is divided into five sections: Using Excel 2003: This section is an abbreviated guide to using Excel spreadsheet software. It is not meant to be a comprehensive user's manual; rather, it is an introduction to the terminology, features and keystrokes necessary to work with Excel Templates. Installation and Configuration: This section will lead you through the steps necessary to copy Excel Template problems on your computer’s hard drive. Using Excel Templates: This section will provide information on the general operating conventions of the software. It will detail the use of specific keys on the computer keyboard and point out features that are common to all screens and data input routines. Step-by-Step Example: In this section, you will have the opportunity to work through a representative problem to develop a feel for using the software. Although the problem may cover areas of accounting not yet learned, it is suggested that this exercise be completed to familiarize you with the software rather than trying to understand the specific accounting concepts. Guide to Individual Problems: This section will outline individual differences or special procedures of which you should be aware. 1
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USING EXCEL 2003 WHAT IS AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET An Excel spreadsheet is a grid of 16,384 rows and 256 columns that allow you to enter and manipulate numbers and text and to create graphs. SCREEN TERMINOLOGY (Refer to Figure 1.) Toolbar - Key #1 The row of buttons below the menu bar of the application window gives quick access to commands and tools such as bold, italic and formatting. Formula Bar - Key #2 The location below the toolbar where text, values and formulas are displayed as they are entered and edited. Document Window - Key #3 Excel allows more than one document to be open simultaneously. Therefore, each document appears in its own document window. Use the W indow menu on the menu bar to see a list of the current open documents. Rows - Key #4 Rows are designated by a number along the left side of the document window. The rows are numbered from 1 through 16,384. Columns - Key #5 Columns are designated by letters across the top of the document window. There are 256 columns labeled A through Z, AA through AZ, BA through BZ, etc. through IV. Cells - Key #6
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Excel Guide from Textbook - EXCEL TEMPLATES OPERATIONS...

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