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Specific Requirements for the Article Summary and PowerPoint presentation: Prepare an article summary on a management accounting topic from either Management Accounting Quarterly or Strategic Finance that is not more than 2 years old. You should use the Bellevue University Online Library that you can access through BRUIN. I have a 6 minute tutorial on how to use the Bellevue University online library. Also, prepare a PowerPoint presentation of at least 8 slides, which highlights the major points of your summary. Paste the summary into the message area and attach your PowerPoint presentation to the message. Acceptable articles will discuss topics we are covering in class or are related to management accounting; for example, product costing, budgeting, standard costing, target costing, cost-volume-profit analysis and other related costing topics. I do not want duplication, so as soon as you locate an article post a reply to the article title thread on the discussion board in the article
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